Secure Removal of Decommissioned Computer Equipment for State Government Agency

Secure Data Destruction and Environmental Responsibility

A Queensland state government agency recently contacted Buyequip to quote on the removal and secure data destruction of approximately 300 decommissioned desktop computers. The agency required that all sensitive data be erased from the PCs before they were removed and for any eWaste to be disposed of responsibly. 

Upon acceptance of the quote, the agency organised for their state-wide decommissioned assets to be delivered to a single Brisbane location where Buyequip had set up an on-site data destruction facility. All PCs received a 3 pass wipe on their hard drive before they were removed from the agency’s site to the Buyequip warehouse.

Once received in the Buyequip warehouse, each computer received an additional 7 pass wipe on their hard drive to provide the agency with further assurance that their confidential data was irretrievable. In just 6 days Buyequip were able to wipe and responsibly and environmentally dispose of these 300 PCs!

Confidence Assured with Comprehensive Asset Register and Data Destruction Certificate

With so much emphasis on data security the agency needed confidence in Buyequip’s ability. It was vital to keep the client informed of progress and to confirm each and every hard drive had completed their wiping process before being removed from the site. Once all items had been assessed and processed in the Buyequip warehouse, the government agency received a comprehensive asset register and a data destruction certificate confirming their hard drives had been wiped using software compliant with US government standards.