Reputable Law Firm was Paid a Cash Rebate for Decommissioned IT Assets

Assessing the Company’s Disposal Needs

A reputable law firm contacted Buyequip to quote on the removal of approximately 150 decommissioned IT assets across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. The company had undergone a major IT upgrade and wanted their old desktop computers, LCD monitors and various miscellaneous electronics removed, responsibly disposed of and to receive a cash rebate on their reusable assets.

Coordinating the Australia-wide Collection

Upon acceptance of the quote, the client (based in Melbourne) organised to have the company’s unwanted equipment brought together from multiple sites across Australia to 1 of 5 main state offices. Buyequip then worked with each of the state offices to coordinate the eWaste collection in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. As the client had reduced the number of collection points to just five across Australia, the collection process for Buyequip was very quick and easy.

Collection of the Decommissioned IT Assets

First stop, Melbourne state office – just 3 days after receiving the go-ahead from the client! With 100 desktop computers and LCD monitors stored over 2 floors of a high rise building; this was the largest collection of the job. Shortly after, the remaining sites were collected and received into the Buyequip warehouse for data destruction and processing.

Outcome of the Disposal Process

With so many stakeholders involved, communication was the key to ensuring a hassle free asset disposal. Not only was it was vital to keep the key client informed, but also each of the state contacts and the Buyequip collection teams. Once all items had been received and processed in the Buyequip warehouses, the law firm received a comprehensive asset list, plus a cash rebate that was higher than the original estimate!